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Case name Arbitration Between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia
Case description

On 4 November 2009, the Government of The Republic of Croatia and The Government of the Republic of Slovenia signed an agreement to submit their territorial and maritime dispute to arbitration. The Permanent Court of Arbitration acts as Registry in this arbitration.

Name(s) of Claimant(s)
Name(s) of Respondent(s)
Names of Parties The Republic of Croatia ( State )
The Republic of Slovenia ( State )
Case number 2012-04
Administering institution Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)
Case status Pending
Type of case Inter-state arbitration
Subject matter or economic sector Other service
Rules used in arbitral proceedings Permanent Court of Arbitration Optional Rules for Arbitrating Disputes between Two States
Treaty or contract under which proceedings were commenced Other

Language of Proceeding English
Seat of Arbitration (by Country) Belgium

Judge Gilbert Guillaume 
Professor Vaughan Lowe QC 
Judge Bruno Simma 
H.E. Ambassador Rolf Einar Fife (since 25 September 2015)
Professor Nicolas Michel (since 25 September 2015)

Judge Ronny Abraham (until 3 August 2015)

Professor Budislav Vukas (until 30 July 2015)

Dr. Jernej Sekolec (until 23 July 2015)

Representatives of the Claimant(s)
Representatives of the Respondent(s)
Representatives of the Parties



Professor Maja Seršić, Head of the Department of International Law, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
(until 31 July 2015)


H.E. Ms. Andreja Metelko-Zgombić, Ambassador, Director-General, Directorate for European Law, International Law and Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
(until 31 July 2015)
Counsel and Advocates     

Professor Zachary Douglas, Matrix Chambers (until 31 July 2015)
Mr. Paul Reichler, Foley Hoag LLP (until 31 July 2015)
Professor Philippe Sands QC, Matrix Chambers (until 31 July 2015)
Ms. Anjolie Singh (until 31 July 2015)
Professor Davor Vidas (until 31 July 2015)




Professor Mirjam Škrk, Head of the Chair of International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana

H.E. Ms. Simona Drenik, Minister Plenipotentiary, Legal Advisor, Cabinet of the Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (until 23 July 2015)



H.E. Nataša Šebenik, Minister Plenipotentiary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as of 7 March 2016)

Counsel and Advocates     

Mr. Rodman R. Bundy, Eversheds LLP
Mr. Daniel Müller
Professor Alain Pellet
Sir Michael Wood, 20 Essex Street
Assistants to Counsel

Ms. Natasha Harrington, Eversheds LLP
Dr. Maja Menard
Ms. Alina Miron
Mr. Eran Sthoeger

Number of Arbitrators in case 5
Date of commencement of proceeding [dd-mm-yyyy] 2012
Date of issue of final award [dd-mm-yyyy]  
Length of Proceedings Pending
Additional notes

The Republic of Croatia has requested that the following note be published on the PCA Case Repository: 

On 31 July 2015 Croatia informed the Arbitral Tribunal that, as a consequence of a material breach of the Arbitration Agreement committed by Slovenia and pursuant to Articles 60 and 65 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Croatia notified Slovenia with respect to termination of the Arbitration Agreement. Croatia also informed the Tribunal that, as of the date of the notification, 30 July 2015, Croatia ceased to apply the Arbitration Agreement.

The Republic of Slovenia has requested that the following note be published on the PCA Case Repository: 

On 13 August 2015, Slovenia informed the Arbitral Tribunal that Slovenia had objected to Croatia's purported unilateral termination of the Arbitration Agreement and that, in Slovenia's view, the Tribunal had the power and the duty to continue the proceedings.

Croatia's position is summarized in a press released dated 5 August 2015, and Slovenia's position is summarized in a press release dated 19 August 2015.


A hearing on these matters was held at the Peace Palace, The Hague, on 17 March 2016. On 30 June 2016, the Tribunal issued a Partial Award. The content of this Partial Award is summarized in a PCA Press Release dated 30 June 2016.


Attachments Award or other decision
30-06-2016  English

05-05-2015  English
19-06-2017  English

Press Release
13-04-2012  English
18-02-2013  English
18-02-2013  French
18-11-2013  French
18-11-2013  English
29-05-2014  English
29-05-2014  French
17-06-2014  English
10-07-2015  English
10-07-2015  French
23-07-2015  French
23-07-2015  English
28-07-2015  French
28-07-2015  English
30-07-2015  English
30-07-2015  French
05-08-2015  English
05-08-2015  French
19-08-2015  French
19-08-2015  English
25-09-2015  English
25-09-2015  French
02-12-2015  English
02-12-2015  French
14-03-2016  English
18-03-2016  French
18-03-2016  English
30-06-2016  English
30-06-2016  French
26-04-2017  English
26-04-2017  French
19-06-2017  English
19-06-2017  French

17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-06-2014  English
17-03-2016  English
17-03-2016  English
17-03-2016  English
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